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Brewery Menu

Starter+Main course or Main course+dessert 22.50€

Starter + main course + dessert27.50€

  • Tiramisu with fresh goat cheese and gingerbread
    Marnated Salmon and green asparagus with mustard
    Basil Cheesecake, candied tomatoes and smoked Ham
    Slices of melon and Watermelon, dried duck breast with Cognac

  • Veal steak apple-honey sauce, Mashed potatoes, pepper compote
    Raw beef tartar from Aubrac with Pesto
    Lamb chops rosemary juice, parsley potatoes
    Skewer of salomon and scallops, cream with tarragon and anis
    Summer Burger ( Chicken and blue cheese sauce)
    Vegeterian Burger

  • For the desier of grilling:
    Entrecote 300Grs sup 3.50€
    Hole filet of duck +/- 300grs sup 3.50€
    Guando andouillette 5A

  • Sweet puffs with apricot mousse and marmelade
    Creamy all chocolate and crème Anglaise
    Seasonal soup with 7 red fruits and sorbets
    Entremet Bounty Way

The Formules

  • Dish the Day: 10€50, (12.50€ WE)
  • Menu Of the Day: 18.50€ weeks / 20€50 Week-end Starter + Main Course + Dessert
  • Formule Express :14€(Mon to Fri noon) Dish of the day or Grillade+Coffee gourmand

Our establishment is

Logis Hôtel

Hôtel Beaudon ***

10, rue du Beaudon,
60350 Pierrefonds (Oise)

Martine et Cyril Berthelot
Tel : 03 44 42 80 18 – Fax : 03 44 42 86 74
537 849 663 000 19 ape naf 5510Z

Weekdays from Monday to Friday: 6:30 - 23:00
Weekend Saturday / Sunday from 8h to 23h

Weekdays from Monday to Friday: 6:30 - 09:00
Weekend Saturday / Sunday from 8:00 to 9:30

Week and weekend 12h00 - 14h00

Having dinner
Week and weekend 19h00 - 21h30

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