Starter+Main course or Main course+dessert   21.00€
Starter + main course + dessert             26.00€

Oysters “au gratin”in Mornay and Parmesan cheese sauce
Potatoe pie on foie gras sauce and smoked duck filet
Salmon Lollipop marinated Ginger,Teriaky sauce
Fried Mushrooms and bacon on Reblochon cheese toast

Fillet of veal thyme juice, Carrot muslin and braised endives
Snacked pad of Doe, Chestnut purée
Pork knuckle with mustard cream, gratin with Munster cheese
Bar fillet with small vegetables and scallop, Armorican sauce
Vegetarian Burger

For the desires of grilling
Entrecote 300Grs sup 3.50€
Hole filet of duck +/- 300grs sup 3.50€
Guando andouillette 5A

Thym mousse and creamy lemon
Shortbread and chocolate ganach, salted butter caramel

Crispy coconut and vanilla roasted pineapple
Iced Vacherin with Spéculoos and mascarpone ice cream
Plate of Cheese

The Formules
Dish the Day: 10€50, (12.50€ WE)
Menu Of the Day: 17.50€ weeks / 19€50 Week-end     Starter + Main Course + Dessert
Formule Express :13 €(Mon to Fri noon) Dish of the day or Grillade+Coffee gourmand           


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