Starter+Main course or Main course+dessert   22.50€
Starter + main course + dessert27.50€

Smoked salmon and Granny Smith apple and fresh goat cheese
Crab and mashed avocado with Paprika an Espelette pepper
Cherry tomatoes pie and Balsamic caramel and Burrata
Melon gazpacho with white Port and basil and smoked ham
Fillet of Can with blackcurrant sauce, ratatouille and potatoes

Beef tartar Aubrac prepared with Auvergne blue cheese
Roasted veal with Rosemary, ,gratin dauphinois with Chorizo
Bar fillet, cream of mussels and saffron, Linguine with leeks
Summer Burger
Vegeterian Burger
For the desier of grilling:
Entrecote 300Grs sup 3.50€

Hole filet of duck +/- 300grs sup 3.50€
Guando andouillette 5A

Granite Mojito way, withe green lemon sorbet
Blancmange with coconut, raspberry and coulis
Chocolate cake Nutella and Bulgaria yoghurt ice cream
Strawberry mousse and crunchy almond and Spéculoos

The Formules
Dish the Day: 10€50, (12.50€ WE)
Menu Of the Day: 18.50€ weeks / 20€50 Week-end     Starter + Main Course + Dessert
Formule Express :14€(Mon to Fri noon) Dish of the day or Grillade+Coffee gourmand           


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