Starter+Main course or Main course+dessert   21.00€
Starter + main course + dessert             26.00€

Pan fried prawns marinated in pesto and citrus salad
Wrap of avocado and smoked salmon with chive cream
Crispy goat cheeseswith rosemary
Snails and scallops ” a la Parmigiana “

Pavé of lamb with curry sauce gratin Dauphinois
Back of cod in almond crust, spinach velouté
Veal steak with shallot confit
Potatoe garnished with chicken aiguillettes, Camembert sauce
Vegetarian Burger

The Beaudon’s burger Cheddar or goatcheese or Maroilles

For the desires of grilling
Entrecote 300Grs sup 3.50€
Hole filet of duck +/- 300grs sup 3.50€
Guando andouillette 5A

Fresh Vine peach soup and sorbet peach
Nutella Tiramisu
Bailey’s crème brulée

Revisited strawberry pie in raspberry coulis
Plate of cheeses 

Nos Grillades

Entrecôte (250gr)                                              18.00€
La 5AVéritable Andouillette de Troyes         14.50€
Whole roasted filet of duck                             18.00€
Served with: French fries, green beans, Rice or Salad.

The Formules

Dish the Day: 10€50, (12.50€ WE)

Menu Of the Day: 17.50€ weeks / 19€50 Week-end                               Starter + Main Course + Dessert

Formule Express :13 €(Mondays to Fridays noon)                  Dish of the day or Grillade of the day +                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Coffee gourmand           


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