Starter+Main course or Main course+dessert   22.50€
Starter + main course + dessert             27.50€

Panna cotta of green asparagus with Espelette pepper
Breaded Brie de Meaux cheese and peas muslin
Cucumber garnished with salmon tartar with green lime
Crab and prauwns in verrine flavored withe Tonka bean

Fillet of beef and red wine sauce
Leg of lamb cooked like a Tajine
Roasted guinea fowl and Morels mushrooms cream
Cod filet and coconut and curry sauce
Savoy’s burger
Vegetarian Burger

For the desires of grilling
Entrecote 300Grs sup 3.50€
Hole filet of duck +/- 300grs sup 3.50€
Guando andouillette 5A

Iced nougat with candied fruits
Milk chocolate mille feuille and coconut sorbet
Baba with Limoncello and creamy orange
Pistachio cake and raspburry mousse and red fruit coulis
Plate of Cheese

The Formules
Dish the Day: 10€50, (12.50€ WE)
Menu Of the Day: 18.50€ weeks / 20€50 Week-end     Starter + Main Course + Dessert
Formule Express :14€(Mon to Fri noon) Dish of the day or Grillade+Coffee gourmand           


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